AAC + Music Therapy Program

Mainstay is now offering an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and music therapy partnership consultation program for clients and client families. AAC is the use of any communication that is not verbal speech, or anything needing to be used to complement verbal speech. Most often, tablet devices are used with an app that helps the user express themselves. Paper versions of communication boards can also be used for someone to communicate. 
Learning to use AAC takes time and dedication from the family to use it daily. “Having an AAC device does not make someone an effective communicator any more than owning a piano makes someone a musician”. The AAC user needs their family, teachers and therapists to all model on the device showing them how to use it regularly and in all areas of their life.
The goal of AAC is for the user to say what they want, when they want, to whomever they want – all the time. The following tiers of options may be incorporated into music therapy services through the Medicaid waiver or through private pay to further encourage communication using AAC.

  • Individuals can be added to a LAMP Certified Music Therapist’s caseload for several weeks, as determined by the therapist, to receive targeted AAC training and specific device modifications. Sessions will be used to target specific AAC communication. 
  • 30 minute consultations regarding appropriateness for this program can be scheduled using waiver units or out of pocket fee.

If interested in joining or learning more about this program, please contact shelley@mainstaymusictherapy.com

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