AAC Program designed to communicate, provide context and facilitate connection

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What is AAC?
AAC is the use of any communication that is not verbal speech, or anything needing to be used to complement verbal speech. Most often, tablet devices are used with an app that helps the user express themselves. Paper versions of communication boards can also be used for someone to communicate. The goal of AAC is for the user to say what they want, when they want, to whomever they want – all the time.
Learning to use AAC takes time and dedication from the family and caregivers to use it daily. “Having an AAC device does not make someone an effective communicator any more than owning a piano makes someone a musician”. The AAC user needs their family, teachers and therapists to all model on the device showing them how to use it regularly and in all areas of their life.

Learn with Mainstay offers a variety of AAC resources including Printable resources, courses (coming soon!) and in service trainings. 

Offering sign sheets and AAC sheets at our SHOP.

Sign sheets are designed to be visual reference guides for parents and professionals, supporting individuals learning ASL. These can be used to help teach signs, as well as continuing to provide support by being hung in homes or placed within reach for further referencing. AAC sheets are designed to be a guide for the communication partner to see what words go with a song or book and are available on the AAC device.
Email shelley@mainstaymusictherapy.com to Request a Specific Resource.

Sign up for an inservice training to learn functional American Sign Language, or about Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC). Each training will be tailored to your unique business! The goal is for your group to be able to communicate with those who utilize ASL/AAC to meet their needs through your business.
Email shelley@mainstaymusictherapy.com to Request an In-Service Training.

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