Meet The Team


I’m Adam, a board-certified music therapist with a passion for sharing the joy of music to create positive change. I received my bachelor of arts in music therapy from the University of Louisville and completed my internship at Norton Healthcare in Louisville Kentucky. During that time, I cultivated my abilities to aid individuals of different ages and backgrounds in their growth and development through the therapeutic power of music.

My therapeutic philosophy is founded upon a music-centered, resource-oriented approach. This method highlights client-centered care, stressing their strengths and fostering opportunities for creativity and adaptability, all viewed through a holistic perspective. I personalize each session to fit your distinct needs, integrating musical techniques with your specific goals to craft a therapeutic experience that resonates deeply.

I’ve had experience with numerous settings including, pediatric and adult oncology, pediatric and adult psych facilities, hospice, neuro care facilities, NICU, and private practice settings. I thrive when using music to support other’s emotional expression, positive coping strategies, and to foster strong therapeutic relationships. I often look for new found research to better understand my client’s diagnosis to provide the best possible care. I am particularly interested in recording in music therapy as well as songwriting.

In my role as a new hire mentor, I help new therapists at Mainstay transition into their roles and navigate their responsibilities as both therapists and employees. Outside of the therapy room, I’m an enthusiastic record collector and concert goer. I also have a passion for punk rock that frequently influences sessions, introducing an additional element of enjoyment, creativity and exploration as we work together.

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