Meet The Team


I am a board-certified music therapist and the Founder of Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc., located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Purdue Fort Wayne and established MMT as a Medicaid Waiver provider in 2011. Over the years, I have guided the growth of Mainstay from a solo practice to a multidisciplinary organization with numerous employees, extensive community partnerships, and contracted therapists spanning multiple locations across Indiana. In 2022, I successfully completed my Masters of Business Administration.

At Mainstay Music Therapy, I provide music therapy services from our dedicated clinic location to individuals with diverse needs. My clinical background encompasses working with various populations, including hospice, pediatrics, mental health, intellectual disabilities, and developmental health. In addition to my clinical role, I have shared my expertise by teaching Introduction to Music Therapy courses at Purdue Fort Wayne. Currently, I am actively involved in supervising student music therapists and interns.

At the core of my therapeutic philosophy is the understanding that music-making is intertwined with human connection. Rooted in a humanistic approach, my work places strong emphasis on fostering relationship and providing unconditional positive regard. Through the medium of music, interaction takes on a transformative role, enabling profound expressions, embracing self-acceptance, nurturing growth, and creating positive shared experiences. These interactions are vital for facilitating self-actualization and in nurturing resilience. In my therapeutic framework, the journey is collaborative, where the focus is not on me directing the space, but rather on finding the space together.

In my capacity as business owner, I bear the dual responsibilities of CEO and CFO, overseeing the core operations that drive Mainstay forward. Beyond the realm of general business operations, I enjoy managing our team of like minded individuals. The way I guide and empower our team mirrors my therapeutic approach, which is centered on nurturing the growth and well-being of others. My mindset is to make work at Mainstay feel as much like a passion project as possible and want to ensure therapists on our team are doing work that they love. To achieve this, I frequently realign our internal structures and explore new collaborations, which expands Mainstay’s capacity to deliver impactful services. My motivation is to not only guide our team’s journey but also to foster a community where work is an avenue for their passion and growth.

As a business owner, when I’m not at work, you can usually find me still working!🙂While I do enjoy all aspects of my work I do occasionally take a break. There you can find me travelling with my husband, spending time with my dog, or reading!

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