Allison Thomas, MBA, MT-BC

I am a board-certified music therapist and the Founder of Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc., headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Purdue Fort Wayne and established MMT as a Medicaid Waiver provider in 2011. Over the years, I have guided the growth of Mainstay from a solo practice to a multidisciplinary organization with numerous employees, extensive community partnerships, and contracted therapists spanning multiple locations across Indiana. In 2022, I successfully completed my Masters of Business Administration. At Mainstay Music Therapy, I provide comprehensive music therapy services from our dedicated clinic location to individuals with diverse needs. My extensive clinical background encompasses working with various populations, including hospice, pediatrics, mental health, intellectual disabilities, and developmental health. In addition to my clinical role, I have shared my expertise by teaching Introduction to Music Therapy courses at Purdue Fort Wayne. Currently, I am actively involved in supervising student music therapists and interns. My philosophy centers around the belief that the act of music-making is inherently linked to human connection. Within the realm of music, interaction offers a profound platform for expression, acceptance, growth, and shared experiences. These interactions play a critical role in fostering development and resilience.