CMHW Habilitation Services

Music Therapy funded through CMHW Habilitation Services.
Connect. Communicate. Create.

At Mainstay, we provide Music Therapy services as part of Indiana’s Child Mental Health Wraparound (CMHW) Habilitation Program. This program is specifically designed to offer support and strategies to families and children under the age of 17 who are dealing with significant emotional challenges.

Our primary focus is to foster meaningful engagement throughout the therapy journey, while also helping children develop important skills such as emotional regulation, self-expression and advocacy and healthy self-esteem. We believe in using the adaptability and familiarity of music as a creative foundation to facilitate individual personal growth.

What Would Music Therapy Services Look Like?

Music Therapy is a highly individualized service based on the needs and preferences of each participant. The family and team develop a specific plan of care and the music therapist integrates work towards the chosen goals through music. Sessions typically occur once per week and commonly address these areas:

  • Self-Expression – song discussions, songwriting, singing, or playing instruments as outlets for personal expression
  • Emotional Regulation – learning to use music as coping strategies and recognizing its impact on our emotional well-being
  • Communication Skills – playing, singing, or listening to songs, providing an avenue for expression when words may be challenging
  • Building Confidence – gaining confidence by acquiring new skills through the creative process of making music

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