Meet The Team


I am a board-certified music therapist who graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska and moved to Indiana to begin my work with Mainstay Music Therapy in 2020.

At Mainstay, I provide Music Therapy services in the Warsaw area, serving in a variety of different capacities. I work with populations including developmental disabilities, hospice, and mental health groups. I have also had the opportunity to be a supervisor for a practicum program and work with the internship program through Mainstay.

As a music therapist, I believe that the most fundamental work that I do is build a supportive connection with those whom I get to work with, leading to the progress we’re seeking in the other areas that the person would like to grow. I enjoy seeing all the different ways that music can be used to foster these connections- whether that be writing a song together, making a favorite toy dance to the music, or some way of using music that I haven’t experienced yet. I enjoy fostering the creative ideas brought into different sessions and am thankful to learn from each person whom I get to work with.

I also have the pleasure of serving as a supervisor at Mainstay Music Therapy, where I get to support other therapists as they explore their work as music therapists. I have enjoyed getting to be in conversation with them and be a listening ear as they consider how to continue their growth in their work and as a whole person.

I am usually happiest surrounded by trees and water. I’ve found all the good walking trails around Warsaw, and especially enjoy traveling to Colorado, back home to Nebraska, or to other places where I can spend time in nature.