In response to COVID-19 and the State of Indiana’s Back On Track policy, our therapists are determining best practices for return to in person sessions on a case by case basis.


Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc. is centered around the ability to employ the adaptability and flexibility of music to motivate and promote growth in the individuals we serve; we strive to encourage independence and the highest quality of life while providing a supportive and compassionate environment. Our therapists strive to support the needs of our clients with empathy and understanding in a way that resonates with each individual’s life experience. It is our goal at Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc. to provide professional, quality music therapy services and to provide evidence-based support of and thorough communication regarding your therapy. We value authentic connection with clients and collaboration with families and team members to be an integral and active participant in your support team.

Why ‘Mainstay’? A ‘Mainstay’ is defined as a ‘thing on which something else depends’. We desire for our music therapy services to be a support to our clients and their families; being consistent in providing a safe space for expression and growth.

Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc. is a Private Practice founded in 2011. We provide Music Therapy services under Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver Program to those with intellectual and physical disabilities and contractual music therapy services to facilities and private pay individuals in the greater Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and South Bend areas. Mainstay Music Therapy provides services both in-client’s home and in our clinic.

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