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Why are we called ‘Mainstay’?

A ‘Mainstay’ is defined as a ‘thing on which something else depends’. We desire for our music therapy services to be a support to individuals and their families; being consistent in holding a safe space for expression, creativity, and growth.

Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc. is centered around the ability to employ the adaptability and flexibility of music to motivate and promote growth in the individuals we serve; we strive to encourage independence and the highest quality of life while providing a supportive and compassionate environment. Our therapists strive to support the needs of each person with empathy and understanding in a way that resonates with each individual’s life experience. It is our goal at Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc. to provide professional, quality music therapy services and to provide evidence-based support of and thorough communication regarding therapy. We value authentic connection with each individual and collaboration with families and team members to be an integral and active participant in the support team.

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Mainstay contracts with area hospice agencies to support patients. Mainstay tailors services to fit the needs of each agency. Our Hospice Program provides hospice specific oversight, efficiency, and support.
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Private Pay
Mainstay provides music therapy services to those through reimbursement from private insurance plans, payment through Health Savings Accounts and with out-of-pocket options.
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Medicaid Waiver
Mainstay provides music therapy services through the Medicaid Waiver Program in Indiana. The Waiver is managed through the Bureau of Disability Services. Click below for qualifications.

Community Settings
Mainstay provides contracted music therapy services to community based facilities including nursing homes, day centers, schools, hospitals, and other social agencies.

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Education Scholarship Account
Mainstay is a provider through Indiana’s ESA School Voucher Option. Services are invoiced and submitted to the ESA Portal for direct payment.

CMHW Habilitation
Mainstay is a provider through Dept of Mental Health’s (DMHA) CMHW Habilitation Service for those who qualify. Services can be provided at school, in the community or at our Fort Wayne clinic

Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc.

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