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Mainstay’s Hospice Services are designed to fit the needs of each patient, caregiver, and agency. Music therapy visits are provided one on one for patients working with specific area hospice companies who elect music therapy visits as a part of their support team. Visits are provided in patient home or facility and focus on meaningful connections and support of presenting needs.

Mainstay has a management team devoted to partnering with hospice agencies to provide high quality music therapy services to their patients. Our department is designed to be flexible in providing the level of supports and documentation requested by each partner agency.

Areas Supported with Music Therapy
Physiological – manage pain, decrease anxiety and agitation
Psychological – enhance feelings of control, self-esteem, normalization, adjustment and reduce feelings of isolation
Communication – increase verbalizations, nonverbal communication, self-expression
Cognitive – increase orientation, sensory stimulation
Spiritual – support spiritual issues, creativity, anticipatory grief
Caregiver Supports – coping, emotional and spiritual supports, expression

To inquire about hospice services or your agency partnering with Mainstay to provide music therapy, please contact:

Mainstay Music Therapy, Inc.

1910 St Joe Center Rd, Unit 44

Fort Wayne IN, 46825


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