Community Music Therapy

Let Mainstay bring
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Mainstay offers community based music therapy sessions for agencies of all kinds!

Mainstay Music Therapy wants to partner with non-profits, nursing homes, educators, hospitals, health and human services agencies and organizations to provide goal-driven and enriching music therapy services. Mainstay is able to scale to support agencies of various sizes, needs and abilities. By partnering with Mainstay, community agencies are able to provide sustainable continuity of care without the burden of direct hiring or management. Our board certified music therapists design goal-driven, therapeutic and enriching programs designed specifically for the individuals our partners serve, who in turn provide meaningful, relevant and impactful services to our community.


Group and individual music therapy services can be a vital source of positive engagement for those residing in nursing facilities. Music Therapy services can be contracted through Mainstay to provide residents with a renewed sense of dignity, opportunities for positive socialization with peers, decreased pain perception, increased cognitive stimulation and expressive opportunities.


Group and individual music therapy services have been proven to support the development of kids of all ages. Music therapy services can be contracted through Mainstay to provide music therapy with typical and neuro-diverse children to support their developmental progress in communication, social, motor, sensory, academic and emotional skill areas.


Music therapy utilizes musical interaction as a foundation for communication, expression and personal growth. Music therapy can assist in stress management, supporting healthy thoughts, and in the development of relationships in a way that doesn’t rely solely on verbal language. Individuals may engage in active music making, musical improvisation, songwriting and lyric analysis.

Medical Settings

Music engages us as humans from birth through death. Music therapy utilizes music’s natural capacity for engagement and normalization to help patients and families cope with their hospital experience. Music therapy can focus on distress tolerance, expression outlet, pain perception, creativity, family coping, grief, and/or patient resilience.


Mainstay understands the value of connection and authentic engagement during these final stages of life. Our board certified music therapists are trained to utilize music to address patients’ depressive symptoms, pain management, reminiscence, life review, stress and agitation reduction, and increase individual’s positivity and joy. Mainstay focuses on quality, compassionate care for the individuals we support and offer both individual and group/community based music therapy services.

Presentations & Company Wellness

Mainstay believes in advocacy and community education as we grow into establishing more area connections. Let the Mainstay Team come speak about music therapy and how it can benefit your Company or the individuals you serve!
Mainstay would love to be a part of your Company’s next Corporate Team Building or Wellness Event! Music is a great source of connection, rejuvenation and enjoyment. Let us harness music’s ability to inspire and help build community!

Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort — between demoralization and dignity.”

Barbara Crow
past president of AMTA

Let’s Encourage Change Together!

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