Meet The Team


I’m Erin Virginia, a Board-Certified Music Therapist! I graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, in 2022, where I earned a double bachelors in Music Therapy and General Psychology. I completed my internship with Opportunities for Positive Growth, where I served individuals on the Medicaid Waiver program. Here at Mainstay, I work as a Lead Music Therapist serving the Fort Wayne area.

My therapeutic philosophy centers around a humanistic approach, working with the individual as a whole. This approach allows for freedom of expression and support from the music, allowing for the individual to benefit from the music on a deeper level. My sessions are tailored to each individual and are client-led, having the person being supported making the decisions. I believe that by guiding instead of leading, the music will resonate deeper with the client and be as beneficial as it can be.

My expertise is in areas involving the geriatric population, where I have worked with hospice and memory care patients for years. I thrive when using music to support relationships, emotion expression, and increase cognitive skills. I am dedicated to staying updated with the latest research and techniques in music therapy to provide the best possible care. I am particularly interested in music therapy research involving memory care.

Outside of music therapy, my hobbies include baking, video games, and learning instruments. I am currently a violinist with the Purdue Fort Wayne Orchestra, and I love collecting, learning and teaching myself new instruments in my free time. These passions often find their way into my sessions, adding an additional layer of enjoyment to our work together.

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