Meet The Team


I’m Katherine Moore, a proud board-certified music therapist with a love of harnessing the power of music to create connection and positive change. I earned my Bachelor of Music in 2019 from Baldwin Wallace University and completed my music therapy internship at MusicWorx Inc. where I learned to hone my skills to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds grow and develop through music.I am honored to have had experience working with the elderly, Active Duty and Military Veterans, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, individuals experiencing homelessness, individuals with developmental delays, and those in pediatric and adult medical settings. In 2020, I moved to Indiana and began my journey with Mainstay!

My therapeutic philosophy centers around a relationship-based approach, a method that emphasizes the use of relationships for emotional well-being. I believe in the power of music to cultivate positive relationships and encourage discovery. Influenced with the Psychodynamic perspective that all actions have a purpose, I tailor each session to meet the unique needs that arise in the moment, using client-centered music experiences to do so. 

I have the pleasure of serving the wonderful Mainstay Team as a supervisor, as well. I have found great joy in helping fellow employees navigate their roles as therapists. I feel that this role has allowed me to grow and learn just as much! In addition to serving as a supervisor and Waiver therapist, I am also a part of our Hospice program. I consider it a high honor to meet and work with  individuals and their families at such intimate moments of their lives.  

Beyond the therapy space, you might find me rollerblading around Fort Wayne while jamming to Taylor Swift, or cooking one of my comfort meals in my kitchen!

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