Meet The Team


I’m Lauren, a dedicated board-certified music therapist with a passion for harnessing the power of music to create positive change. Through working at Mainstay, I’ve honed my skills to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds grow and develop through music.

My therapeutic philosophy centers around the individual’s strengths and interests, which gives my client’s the space and confidence to grow. I tailor each session to your unique needs, and I emphasize authenticity and pure connection through music-based activities. 

Before working with Mainstay, I completed my internship in Utah where I worked with older adults living in a long-term care facility. In working with those residents, I learned the importance of building connections with others through music and how music therapy can function for any type of individual. 

I’m dedicated to staying updated with the latest research and techniques in music therapy to provide you with the best possible care. I am particularly interested in the use of DIR Floortime techniques and how they can be implemented not only in music therapy sessions, but throughout an individual’s life. 

Outside of music therapy sessions, I enjoy learning new musical instruments and going for rides on my longboard. Through these activities, I encourage myself to continue growing and building my confidence, and these authentic experiences help me to connect to those I serve everyday.

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