🎁 A Few Of Our Favorite Things 🎁

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  1. A keyboard that has multiple back beats, accompaniment patterns, and instrument sounds. A plus if you are able to import your own pre-made backbeats and accompaniment patterns to the keyboard. We recommend the Yamaha brand, the P-45 is one you can import your own sounds/backbeats to. But we also have the PSR 262, which is older and has worked nicely. Our team recommends Keyboard PSR-E273 (no USB port), the super-travel sized Casio SA-76 or the Yamaha P71, if you’re feeling fancy.
  2. Wiggle Cushion – We all know those chronic wigglers. This cushion helps give them the feedback they are looking for, which can help them focus better on what you are doing together!
  3. Steel Tongue Drum – This is such a fun instrument to play and everything you play sounds good! It can be used as a tool for regulation, relaxation or creativity!
  4. Q-chord – An oldie but a goodie. Folks keep coming back to explore these fun little instruments, and it is super easy to learn to play.
  5. Buffalo Drum – These drums are super resonating and full sounding and we like to use them for sensory integration!
  6. Boomwhackers – An absolute must! They are cheap, endlessly adaptable and super duper fun!
  1. Versa Cart – This is a game changer for all you travelling music therapists out there. Gone are the days of hauling bags worth of instruments and props through houses and facilities with your arms. This cart easily folds up for storage, or just keep it all in there and toss it in that hatchback!
  2. Accordion Style File Folder – Easily store all your visuals and make them quick to grab and go! Particularly helpful on this model is that handle!
  3. Steering Wheel Desk – This picture speaks for itself. If I could buy one of these for every travelling therapist, I would!
  4. Laundry Totes for carrying instruments – Soft sided or Plastic & Collapsible
  5. Plastic Page Protectors & Binders – Because you can never have too many ways to organize and protect your visuals! Plus, the page protectors double as a dry erase board.
  6. Front Seat Car Organizer – How annoying is it when you stop a bit too quickly and literally everything sitting on your front seat slams onto the floor? This beautiful organizer keeps it all right where it belongs! You can also get one to help keep your trunk tidy.
  1. Paper Mate Flair Pens – In the colors of boomwhackers? Yes, please!
  2. HyperDrive Universal USB-C Hub – Um…what’s that now? πŸ™‚ You can use this to connect your laptop to your digital keyboard. From that, you can use your keyboard and play right into GarageBand, which is great if you are creating your own backing tracks! Says our Team Member Madison, who knows way more about this than me: Some keyboards may need a USB C to A chord, others may only work with a USB A to B chord (ie. a printer cable). Make sure if you’re using these chords with the USB-C Hub, that you check your keyboard first to make sure that you are getting what you need, so you aren’t wasting time and money. Some keyboards have the normal USB port and no USB-B port and vice versa!
  3. Scotch Laminator – We tried out the Amazon brand laminator for a bit. This one has held up for our team of 16 much better!
  4. Traveling Humidifier – This will help save both your instruments AND your skin if you are in your car a bunch in the winter time (at least out here in the Midwest).
  5. Paper Planner – Our team overall still prefers to use paper planners. We each have our own requirements of what they must contain (bullet/weekly/monthly/hourly/ to-do lists, etc). Mine’s gotta have Monthly/Weekly by 15 minute appointments πŸ˜… (#bosslife)
  6. Loop Noise Cancelling Earplugs – Because Drums.
  1. Colored Jenga Blocks – These open up so much opportunity in sessions. Color coded song writing, therapeutic Jenga, fine motor skills, etc.
  2. Music Therapy Specific Songbooks – You and Me Makes We is a great music resource to keep that creativity flowing!
  3. Singable Books – Some of our team’s favorites are ALL the variations of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Pout Pout Fish and Pete the Cat
  4. UE Boom Speaker – Multiple members of our team recommended this little speaker!
  5. Colored Carpet Dots – Unleash all your creativity with these tiny pieces of velcro magic! There are carpet dots that are different shapes, ones that have numbers , sets that are boomwhacker colors. They are also good “6-feet away” visuals… The opportunities are endless!
  6. Emoji Flashcards – For emotion identification and easier discussions

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