April 2022

Spring is here! Gone are the days where we bundle up in our coats, hats, and mittens and huddle by a fireplace. We now get to experience a new season where we welcome in new life, fresh air, flowers blooming, and so much more! Our team has put together some spring resources as we transition into this season and start to include more seasonal music experiences into our sessions!

Going on a picnic

This lyric-substitution experience using the song “Going on a Picnic” by Raffi is great for addressing sequencing, call-and-response, and memory. You can use visuals of picnic foods, drinks, etc, and put them in the song (Ex: “did you bring the _______” etc.) You could also create a pretend picnic and even add instruments for each food to help recall the order of things in the picnic basket.

Spread Love to the Earth

This experience is all about Earth Day (April 22nd)! This song encourages us to think about ways that we can help our earth, whether it’s by recycling, picking up trash, saving water, walking, etc., and can also spark a conversation at home to implement some of these small changes that can help the environment. Here is a Keynote for this fill in the blank songwriting experience, paired with pictures to further allow us to make connections.

April Showers

This drumming experience called “April Showers” addresses motor skills. Use the song “Little April Shower” from the movie Bambi, and drum along to the video! You can create your own April shower paired with the music. Want to try this at home? Try using a pot, pan, or bowl as a drum!

A Spring Goodbye

This is a relaxation/ music and mindfulness experience integrating some popular elements of spring. This experience can be paired with art or imagery or can be used solely as a soothing goodbye song, providing space to slow down and take a breath before moving on. You can find the leadsheet and a recording here!

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