June 2022 – The Great Outdoors

Not only is June the perfect month to dust off the summer gear, it is a wonderful time to be outside enjoying nature and feeling the sunshine! In this month’s blog post we have compiled resources and experiences about all things outdoors, including some fun music activities to do at home!

Campfire songs:
Do you find yourself camping and in need of a tune? What about suggestions for campfire classics? We have compiled a list of Traditional camp songs as well as some great campfire songs that will get everyone singing along!

Youtube Campfire Song Playlist
image from pexels.com

Musical Chalk:
If taking music therapy sessions outside, this is a perfect way to pair art and music within a creative experience that can promote creativity, increase self expression, increase independence and so much more! Create your own chalk drawings and use instruments of your voice to create a musical version of your drawing. You can also use this as a draw what you hear experience, using the sidewalk as your canvas to reflect what you hear in the music. This can then yield opportunities for verbal processing and reflection associated with elements of the music and what is drawn.

Musical Nature Hunt:
Use the provided Musical Nature Hunt guide to listen to your surroundings and make connections between music and nature. This can be done anywhere: the beach, a campsite, while hiking the woods, even your own backyard! See if you can find these sounds, and if you want to take this a step further, create your own!

image from pexels.com

DIY Nature Instruments:
After your musical nature hunt, grab materials from the great outdoors to make your own instruments. Use twigs or sticks as drumsticks, tap a beat on a tree stump, use small pebbles or gravel and a recycled paper towel tube, rubber bands and a paper bag or can to create your own rainstick or shaker.

 Take a Listening Walk:
Have you ever stopped to listen to the sounds in nature? Take time to step outside and listen to the sounds in your backyard and in your community. Think about what you hear…are there leaves rustling or crunching as you walk? Do you hear other people who may be close or music blasting from a car stereo? It will surprise you what you will hear when you take a moment to be present and listen to the “music” in your neighborhood.

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